Supply Chain Finance Management - Financial Supply Chain Management - SGO Company Profile -

The ONLY Supply Chain Finance Solution with local and regional experience

Supply Chain Finance Management - Financial Supply Chain Management - SGO Company Profile -


"To be a leading technopreneuer company for Industry Value Chain and Financial Value Chain (Financial Supply Chain) Solution Provider with a global network"


"To provide high quality solution and consultancy services that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers, our stakeholders, our shareholders and our business partners"

Core Value

  • Be passionate and collaborative
  • Tell the truth as we see it
  • Believe in teamwork
  • Work with integrity
  • Deliver value added services

Company Profile

PT Square Gate One - SGO is established in 2005 with the focus on the Financial Value Chain Solution.

Founder and Management

Founder and President Director: Edy Soesanto Prawirohardjo, Msc

Edy SP is founder and president director of PT Square Gate One (SGO). He is based in Jakarta and has served as CEO since September 2006. 

In his role, Edy has continued SGO's regional expansion, opening new offices since early 2012, and enhanced SGO’s capabilities in large-scale change, big business communities, and financial supply chain transformation. In January 2014, he launched SGO Digital Payment, an innovation, Person-to-Person product development, and commercialization business that principals with clients to rapidly create and advance digital business process and payment. His vision is to build a less cash society for principal-to-reseller as well as for reseller-to-consumer

Previously, Edy served as Chief of Professional Services for the SCS-Astragraphia – a subsidiary of PT Astra International - from 2001 to 2006 and as head of SAP Basis and Datacenter for Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta USA from 1998 to 2001. 

He earned a Master Degree with high distinction from University of Dortmund – Germany.

Co-Founder and Director: Joshua Dharmawan

Company Status

SGO is a private company with  a clear vision and mission to offer an Industry Value Chain solution for the multiple industries such as Banking, Consumer, Telco, Automotive, Pharmacy industry etc.

Vendor Partnership

SGO is an open solution and runs on top of the available software and hardware infrastructure which are available in the market widely. Our clients can choose any vendors of database, hardware, Operating System and SGO can run on top of those.

Structure Dealership

SGO is a centralized company with a solid marketing-, professional- as well as pre-sales team. For the time being SGO runs the Industry Value Chain business centrally to grab the Indonesia market. Knowing that the Financial Value Chain business is just a beginning and the potential target market in Indonesia is huge.

Company Experience

SGO has the experience of more than 7 years in development for Host-to-Host as well as its enhancement. The SGO professionals have more than 15 years in development for Host-to-Host as well as integration based on the business processes in multiple industries.